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Upcoming Events + 50% Sale

Danables a posted Oct 26, 15

We are currently having a 50% Sale as of right now to kick off our server's grand opening. Speaking of which, our grand opening was very successful. I am happy that you all get to be apart of such a wonderful community. Surely, we will grow and become a great server with a thriving community. 

Events are coming up and I just want to note that on Friday, October 30th, we will be hosting our first Weekly Event Day. Here is the complete schedule. EST stands for Eastern Time. 

8:00PM EST - 8:30PM EST: Drop Party (A really good one)
8:35PM EST - 9:00PM EST: Free-For-All Tournament (I will record it and post it on our YouTube Channel)

9:10PM EST - 9:30PM EST: Mob Survival (2 Rounds: I spawn a bunch of mobs, you try to survive for 7 minutes) 

Any Remaining Time: Find The Crate Key at Spawn


On Halloween, I will be hosting a very special event day loaded with fun games and drop parties. Make sure to be on the server on Halloween Night! I will try to fit in some time for those of you who wants to go Trick-O-Treating. 

 Hopefully, you guys are enjoying the server. If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the forums. 

Xenarch has just been released and we are expecting a whole lot of factions to get started. Here is an entire guide explaining everything this version of factions offers.

Warps: added Parkour, Maze, Shop, PvP, and Enchant

Shops: added ability to buy spawners/ golden apples/ hoppers

Spawn: Includes 4 chests. 3 of which are Crates and 1 which is the Hobo Chest

  1. Vote Key (Can earn a key by voting)
  2. Legend Key (Can earn a key by donating)
  3. Hero Key (Can earn a key by donating)
  4. Hobo Chest (Drop wahtever you want!)

Special Commands:

- /bounty (Gives you a bunch of commands to help you understand our head plugin!)

- /send (Send an item to a player without actually meeting the player! Helps by preventing item loss when trading with Clear Lag)

- /vote (Entire documentation about Voting. You can earn TONS of new rewards)

Weekly Events:

Yes, Xenarch will be hosting weekly events. The schedule can be found in our Calendar Tab, but I will be kind and list some of our special events.

  1. Drop Parties (Weekly @ Friday 8PM EST)
  2. Free For All (Weekly @ Friday 8:30PM EST)
  3. Mob Survival (Weekly @ Friday 9:30PM EST)
  4. KOTH (Coming Soon)
  5. Skin Contests (Semi-Weekly @ Friday 10:00PM EST) 
  6. 1v1 Tournaments (Monthly Begining Every 1st of Month)
  7. Staff vs Players (Semi-Weekly @ Friday 10:00PM EST)
  8. Giveaways (Weekly and announced on Friday 8PM EST)

So indeed, we have lots of events planned for you. Make sure to make them!

Future Updates:

If you have any suggestions for the server, please be sure to write a post in the forums! 

Thank you so much for joining the server and we hope you will have a blast on here. 

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Xenarch has reached a new record of 30 registered users today!
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